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Scuola Ceasare Giardini

Scuola Cesare Giardini

Associazione dilettantistico sportiva e culturale S.H.A.M.A.


Via Briantea 58/b
Cernusco Sul Naviglio

e-mail: cesaregiar@yahoo.it

Cesare Giardini

Cesare Giardini

Born in 1976 in Milan.

He start his studying with Shiatsu in the 1997, and after in the 1998 started with tai chi chuan practice with the teacher Fabio Patruno, from 2011 he changed with Master Carlo Lopez. In the 2004 he began to study with Master Chu King Hung directly.

In the 2003 he took graduate in Naturopathy in the L.U.I.N.A. Rudy Lanza Institute.

From 1999 he started to study with passion alchemy following a lot of courses and laboratories.
He is trying to study and teach where alchemy and tai chi chuan meet togheter in one thing.

In 2008 he founded the A.S.D. e Culturale Shama, in Cernusco Sul Naviglio, near Milan, an association where he can spread all of this things till now.