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Gabriella Marchesi

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Gabriella Marchesi

Gabriella Marchesi

For me there is only a route through paths that have a heart, along no matter which path that has a heart.
I walk along this path and the only proof that counts is to cross it through all its length.” (don Juan)

I 'm Gabriella Marchesi, I live in Bergamo where I was born on 23.7.1957.

I'm a social worker and I work for a public family advice center;

I started to practice Tai Chi in 1994 with Maestro Carlo Lopez from Milan, who is responsible in Italy for the Tai chi chuan Association and, since then, I continue to learning with him through teachers' stages and private lessons.

Since 1996 I take part to the national stage of Milan that M Chu King Hung holds annually in Italy and in 2010 and 2011 I participated to the stage in Chamonix.

As from November 2003 I'm a direct pupil of Master Chu King Hung, I've got from him the authorization to teaching the "original yang style" and I receive annually private training from him.

Since 2003 I teach tai chi chuan in two locations: Treviolo and San Pellegrino Terme in the Bergamo province.